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Quickly sync your favorite messaging platforms, calendars, and scheduling preferences.

"STOPPP. This is phenomenal" - Devin J.
Sync your messaging platforms, calendars, and preferences.
Add Get Together to a chat and tell it what to schedule.

Then simply send a message to Get Together to schedule a meeting.

"Dude this is so freaking cool" - Steve V.

Or add Get Together directly into group chats to schedule everyone in real-time.

"This works-- huzzah!" - Blaise Z. 
Get Together schedules directly within messaging group chats.
Get Together finds the best time in seconds.

Get Together finds the best time in seconds.

"This is fire!" - Christina V.

And places the invite on everyone's calendar with video conferencing!

"This is a no brainer." - Brian F.
Get Together will place the invite on everyone's calendars.
Get Together reschedules in seconds.

And Get Together can easily re-schedule when plans change.

"Wait, it can re-schedule!?" - Deepika B.

Watch it in action!

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