About Us

"As working parents with kids, we desperately needed a better way to schedule. Then we realized... so does everyone else."

- Mike Bell, Co-Founder

We created Get Together in 2021 to help even the busiest people find time together.

We wanted to put a stop to endless back-and-forth scheduling exactly where it happens most - in group chats. We've set out to enable anyone, to schedule anything, within any chat in just seconds.

That's because we believe that by instantly finding time, we allow our users to spend it where it matters most... together.

schedule time to start a company with a text message

From Our Founders

"We constantly ran into our friends, said, 'Let's get together soon, but we either never did it, or got stuck in endless back-and-forth text chains trying to find time."

- Maddie Bell, Co-Founder

As Type-A over-achievers, we have always been "busy."

But we grew our family and careers the term "busy" escalated to a whole new level. Triangulating work schedules, school schedules, and kids nap schedules required a detailed calculus equation.

We suddenly found ourselves constantly running into  friends saying, "Oh! We should get together," and it either a) never happened, or b) required endless  back-and-forth text chains trying to find.

In the end, we became certain that a user should simply be able to send a message to schedule anything, so we set out to build it. And even though we started using it as a tool to coordinate with friends, we soon began using it everywhere else - at work, to schedule appointments, etc. So whether you use it to avoid endless text chains to schedule a playdate, or a haircut, or a meeting, we hope you enjoy the time back. We know you've earned it.

Bell family photo.

Meet the team behind Get Together

We are on a mission to help even the busiest people Get Together.

Mike Bell
Technical Co-Founder
Former VP of Data Science and Data Engineering with over 10 years experience building scalable software solutions.
Maddie Bell
Business Co-Founder
Business leader with over 10 years managing billion dollar brands.
Wen Ding
Machine Learning Engineer
10+ years of advanced data analytics and predictive modeling.
Abdullah AlSigar
Front End Engineer
Top 3% Flutter developer.

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Our partners have helped  bring the Get Together vision to life.

We save time,
so you can spend it.

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