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Does everyone need to be signed up?
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No! Get Together will optimize for the maximum number of users on the message chat. So if you are the only one signed up, Get Together will share your best times. If 12 of you are signed up Get Together will find the best time for the group.

Why do you say you are the fastest, easiest way to schedule? 

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It is bold. We know. But we really feel like scheduling should start with a message - not a calendar. And we know that people send and respond to messages much faster than email or traditional calendar invites. Pair this with our proprietary algorithm that finds times based on the preferences and calendars of each user, and you get scheduling in seconds.

How do I give Get Together commands?

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Once you add Get Together to the chat, simply type what you want to schedule using as much detail as you have. For example: "@Get Together find time in the afternoon next Tuesday." 

Get Together proposed a time, but I’d prefer a different one. What do I do?

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No problem! You can either adjust your command to your specific desire, or you can tell Get Together to “find more options.”

Do I have to have a digital calendar?
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No! We understand that not everyone likes digital calendars. If you don't have a digital calendar just set up your preferences during sign up to help us understand the general times you prefer to get together with others for social, business, study, etc.

Do I have to download an app?
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Nope! (But ours is really nice!) Our app is designed to enhance your experience by allowing you to 1) see all your Get Together’s across platforms, 2) access enhanced customization options, and 3) try new features right away. 

What if I want to sync multiple calendars?
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Perfect! You can sync as many Google and Outlook calendars as you like, and Get Together will scan them all for availability and place confirmed events on each of them.

Get Together didn’t propose a time! What happened?
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Hmmm, that is certainly not right. 
Please make sure Get Together is added to the chat, and then simply text “Help” at any time and a team member will reach out to ensure Get Together is working perfectly for you.

Where can I update my preferences?
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You can update all your preferences by downloading our companion app on that Apple App Store or the Google Play store. You can also login to our web browserClick Here

I have Get Together for multiple platforms across Text Message, Slack, Teams. Can I sync them? 
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Of course! Simply download the Get Together app to see all your platforms in one place and to set preferences for each platform. 

Can I use Get Together to schedule outside my organization?
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In text message you can of course schedule with anyone. In Slack Get Together is compatible with Slack Connect, and we will launch Team Connect upon Microsoft’s release. But wait there is more! Get Together for email is coming soon!

Can I use Get Together to keep my calendar up to date?
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Absolutely! Just text Get Together information about the event, and Get Together will add it to your calendar.

What data do you use? How do you use it? 
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We use three pieces of data to enable our service. 1) User login information, so we know who you are and which platforms you want to sync. 2) “Free or busy” calendar information. (We don’t see anything else.) 3) Conversation information when you add Get Together to the chat. For more specifics please see our Privacy Policy Click Here.

Do you complete regular security audits? 
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Yes. Data security is core to our operations. Our platform has passed multiple audits from large IT firms, and we are happy to submit one to your organization or team. Please feel free to reach out directly with any questions: hello@gettogether.ai