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Get Together schedules with text message.

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Scheduling As Easy As:
Add Get Together to the chat.

1. Add Get Together directly into group chats.

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Integrates just like any other phone contact!

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Works directly with Apple iMessage and Android Messages.

Type what you want to schedule

2. Type anything you want to schedule!

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Get Together interprets written scheduling commands.

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Literally...just type what you want to schedule.

Get Together schedules in seconds

3. Get Together suggest the best time in seconds!

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Instantly coordinates time based on users' synced calendars and scheduling preferences.

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(It's ok if not everyone is signed up! Get Together will still suggest on behalf of those who are.)

Get Together updates your calendar.

4. Get Together adds the invite to your calendar!

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Keeps your calendar up to date.

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Sync as many Google and Outlook calendars as you want.

We save time.
You spend it.

Time Savings:

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Only Get Together:
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Integrates directly into popular messaging apps.

Artificial inteligence

Interprets written

finds group calendar availability

Automatically finds the best time for everyone.

calendar sync

Places invites on everyone's calendars.

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Instant 'In-Chat' Scheduling
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Unlimited Digital Calendar Sync
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Customizable  'Habit' Preferences
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Access to  web, iOS, and Android app
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Video Conferencing Integration (Teams, Zoom, Google Meet)
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Meeting Reminders
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Manage Permissions & Sign Up for Your Team
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We save time,
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